J. E. Hibpshman

James was born in Anchorage, Alaska and grew up there.  He was soon told he had a learning disability and reading came hard.  A teacher once told him at about age 10 to go back to his seat while she helped the kids that were smart enough to learn to read.  He said then, and he can still remember it to this day, that “I would show her by writing a book one day.”  Fifty years later, this is the fulfillment of that promise to himself.  James graduated high school reading at a very low level, and he later learned to read in the United States Marine Corps.  Once he could read, James took some college courses and spent 22.5 years in law enforcement.  After a long career, he retired from the Alaska State Troopers.  James afterwards worked security on the North Slope for 15 years and retired again in 2020.  

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