Slave to King, The Cost of Ruling

Ethan and Abigale have taken the Northern Kingdom but the Southern Kingdom remains their enemy.  John, from Ethan’s past, is now working for the Southern Kingdom and is as driven as Abigale to rule both Kingdoms.  John will use any method available to accomplish this.

Abigale remains fiercely independent and determined to rule both Kingdoms no matter the cost.     Ethan has to decide if he will spend his effort on this task and if so can he do it and keep his humanity.  Can Ethan learn to rule a kingdom?

Abigale and Ethan must find a way to unite the kingdoms without destroying themselves.  It’s a time of upheaval for all involved as the people of the two kingdoms are caught between the rulers and all are suffering.


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Slave to King, The Cost of Ruling


Available late, 2022.  Find out more information on publishing date by signing up for emails.


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